4 Common Myths About Playing Online Slots

July 05, 2017


The popularity of slot machines both at land-based and online casinos lies on the service. Playing slots brings much excitement and fun, the rules are simple, and it’s possible to hit the jackpot with a sole spin. There is no need to brood over intricate strategies, which means that even total first-timers have almost the same chances of winning as compulsive gamblers.

No surprise that there is a row of slot machine myths have appeared, taking into account the popularity of this online casino games. So let’s think over if these myths are well founded indeed, as actually they can spoil all the amusement of playing slots on the top slots sites, particularly in case you waste your money because of them. See the list of the common mistakes you should avoid when playing slots on the top slot sites UK:

1. The Slot Machine is Supposed to Pay Out

The expectation that the slot machine is nearly to pay out very often becomes a reason for losing more than you can afford when playing slots games on top online slot sites. It may be sound to exceed your budget if you are sure that a win is in the pipeline. But the problem is that none ever knows for sure when the game is about to pay out. The casinos would come bankrupt fast if this ability to predict the payout moments were real. In fact, all slots machines are operated by random number generators. There is no code or a microchip that sends a command to produce a jackpot, the process is totally based on the statistics. The usage of random number generator excludes the defined periods between big pay-outs.  So do not go with a gut, just stick to your budget any time you are into playing slots games. 

2. There is a Guaranteed Strategy for Winning Slots

Do not believe those who promise to share a guaranteed strategy for winning, usually such promises mean that someone wants to scoop all your money they could lay hands on. If the strategy is so effective, why would the idea giver ask for your money?  Some strategies offered over the net may enlarge the likelihood of winning slots, but no system can guarantee this. Remember that lots of fraudsters are doing their best to scam some amount of money from credulous victims, so always take a common-sense view.

3. It is impossible to Win Money on Slots Using Your Casino Bonus

Another widely spread myth is that there is not chance to win money utilizing your bonus on top slots sites. Of course, some bonuses are determined by special terms (for instance, a bonus cannot be cashed out), but the slot machine sees no difference in a bonus credit and a real-money deposit, so there is no impact on the work of the slots drum. So casino bonuses are in fact a reasonable mean to get better value for money when playing on top online slot sites. It’s wrong not to make the best of the credit you get, so do not neglect it as tricky or pointless. You can hit the jackpot with this money as with any other.

4. Offline Slot Machines Are Superior to Online Slots

Many people prefer playing slots in real casinos, still, lots of players favour online slots. The fans of offline slots consider offline slots less secure. This is just another myth which appeared when this kind of gambling appeared and was based on the paranoia about internet security. Nowadays spending money online has become a habitual thing, which is withal safe and secure.

In reality, online slots grant more or less the same experience you receive at land-based casinos and can boast a number of advantages. Probably the best thing about playing slots online is that you have the thrill of playing these exciting games whenever you have a mood, and wherever it is convenient for you.

We have just taken look at the most common myths about playing slots. And no wonder there are plenty of others. Just stay reasonable when playing slots on one of the top slot sites UK.