Online Gambling: Common Principles of Video Poker

February 13, 2018


Video poker is relatively new in the world of gambling as it appeared in 1980. Video poker has gained popularity very fast due to the easiness of the rules and entertaining gameplay. Emotions from playing video poker are no worse than while playing a traditional poker, and probably even better. There is no noise, nobody smokes near you or looks at your cards - you can totally focus on your favorite game.

The rules of video poker are based on the same fundamentals as in the traditional poker. After making the bet five cards show up on the screen. The player can hold any of them. The cards that have not been saved by the player are substituted by new cards. If the player’s hand wins, he is paid money in accordance with the payout table.  Payouts may differ in various online casinos, but the majority pays for a pair of jacks or higher one to one. The payout ratio is higher in case the combination is better.

Video poker can be connected to a progressive jackpot.  This implies the jackpot increases with each bet of the player regardless if the player wins or loses. There is a chance to win a progressive jackpot, and its amount can be really huge. But don’t forget that in video poker the progressive jackpot can be won mainly with the biggest stakes.

Thought video poker is a simple game, remember of a few functional strategies for playing video poker online. Actually, all strategies are related in a certain way to the probability table.  Players have a possibility to take statistically grounded decisions with the help of probability tables. Thus, the optimal strategy for video poker is similar to the basic strategy of blackjack - the player has to keep in memory large data arrays.

Payouts’ amounts that are offered by a particular site usually form the decision which site to select to play video poker for money. The tables differ considerably while the odds of winning remain the same elsewhere, that is why the players have better chances on the sites with more generous payouts. Do not neglect to check the payout tables on different casino sites before making a final choice.

No doubt the casino site needs to have an untarnished reputation and hold to high standards of security and safety. If some players have had complaints and issues with the online casino, take this information into consideration.  Hold off such sites, even if they offer generous payouts.

While the majority of casinos offer to play video poker for money, only a few provide the opportunity to play for virtual money just for practice. Even if the site does not offer the chance to play video poker for free in order to get used to the game, its rules and obtain experience, it will be not a problem the find sites with such a possibility in a network. Luckily, the game is easy, and the practice will not take much of your time. Besides our reviews will help you to select the best site for online video poker.