What You Need to Know To Play Slots for Real Money

July 05, 2017


You might already know that a slot machine is a gambling game, in which players place bets and spin the reels with various symbols on them. After the reels land randomly and if three of the same symbols appear in the middle line on the screen, the player wins prizes or cash depending on which symbols fall on that particular pay line.

A bit of history

Even though the original slot games began to appear back in the late 19th century, they have enjoyed a continuous period of growth in popularity since then. Those classic slot machines were basically mechanisms, where the reels were spinned by springs and gears. Fast forwarding to the present day, contemporary slot games are pretty much based on a computer program that is referred to as a «random number generator», which determines the exact landing positions of the symbols. This program cycles through thousands of numbers every second and whenever the player hits the «spin» button, the generator stops at whichever position it is at that moment. The numbers in online slots real money games are generated according to stops and symbols on the reels. 

Modern online slots games

Contemporary slot games are far more difficult to predict, since the symbols on the reels are generated by the computer program. As a result, modern slot games are a lot more flexible, as they are not restricted by the size of the reels, for instance. Operating an online casino incurs a lot lower costs, when compared to the costs of running a conventional brick-and-mortar gambling venue. Therefore, the money that online casinos save on those matters may then be used to provide various deals, offers and higher payback percentages to its customers. 

When one considers playing real money slots, it is necessary to remember that residents of the United States have fewer options than gamblers elsewhere in the world. The number of choices is significantly lower because of the fact that the country's legislative body has outlawed the provision of gambling services online. Just to be clear, although it is still perfectly legal to gamble casino games for real money, it is simply against the law to offer those games for real money. 

Evidently, there have been no cases of prosecution of individuals based in the United States who made bold to play online slots for real money. As a matter of fact, so far there have been only two instances of legal action carried out against online gambling enthusiasts. Both of those instances were sports bettors that faced legal proceedings against them. 

On the other hand, those gamblers who are residing outside of the United States, have much more options at their disposal. Most online gambling operators go above and beyond to attract players from Australia, where gambling is a lot more popular than in America, or the United Kingdom. Although British gamblers in most cases are particularly keen on table games and sports betting as opposed to playing real money slots, the UK market is still incredibly large, even in its online slots real money segment. Australian players typically call playing real money slots «real money pokies», whereas residents of the United Kingdom refer to it as «real money fruit machines». Nevertheless, no matter which country one considers, its number of gambling enthusiasts interested in playing slots for real money is certainly on a growing trend, which is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.