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If you adore playing casino roulette online you may need the information which site to choose for playing best online roulette. SelectBestOnlineCasinos provides you with detailed reviews of the best roulette sites that offer online roulette games. If online roulette is your favourite game, have a look at the reviews of the best roulette sites below, make your choice and start playing this exciting game!

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Main Variants Of Online Roulette

Casino Roulette is probably the most famous casino game. The prototypes of the modern roulette appeared in France and Germany in the 17th century. Modern roulette was first introduced in the Monte Carlo casino. The popularity of roulette can be explained due to the simplicity of the game and various options for stakes and their combinations. Besides there are various kinds of roulette games, actually there are more than 100 versions of this exciting game.

We have gathered the most important information you should know for playing best online roulette on the best roulette sites to explain the peculiarities of the most popular versions of this captivating game. No matter whether you play roulette in a traditional casino, or play either money or free roulette online, a precise understanding of online roulette rules is a must.

The most popular variations of roulette are European, American and French roulette, so let’s have a closer look on each of them, as you will find them on all best roulette sites.

European roulette is considered to be the most popular variation of both online and offline Roulette games. It is characterized by a single zero and 36 numbers that are placed on the wheel in a random manner. The house edge is rather small, being equal up to 2.5 %. This can be explained due to only one Zero.

American Roulette originated from European Roulette, and the most remarkable difference is that American Roulette has the double zero. This reduces the chances to win drastically in comparison to European roulette. The house edge in American Roulette is 5.26%. Besides the numbers on the wheel are placed in pairs opposite to each other, for example, 2 will be placed opposite to 1.

French Roulette is another popular version of European Roulette. It differs from European Roulette by betting options and lower house edge.

If the ball lands on Zero and you have made an “outside bet”, you will lose half of your stake. This is called “La Partage” rule. The house edge is cut down to 1.35% in this variation of roulette game.

Besides, there are also other versions that have evolved due to the rising popularity of online gaming including mini roulette game. Mini roulette has 13 slots, that is twelve numbered and a zero. In addition, progressive roulette games have gained high popularity, offering rather progressive jackpots.

Still, European version of the roulette game remains the favourite version which attracts thousands of players of roulette sites.

We are sure that you will choose your favourite type of best online roulette game bringing you a higher winning edge. Read carefully the rules and strategies of online roulette UK and live roulette UK. Also, do not forget of the main principles of safe online gaming. Ensure you have learned the rules of roulette game properly, and are playing the version of roulette game you know and like the most. Clearly, it is reasonable to play the version with a higher house edge.

And of course, do not forget to define for yourself the best roulette sites with the help of our reviews. Hopefully, our reviews will help you to select the best online roulette UK. Let your play on the best roulette sites be enjoyable and exciting!